We all like to be in control over our lives, RIGHT ??? what control? The make believe control we convince ourselves is true?  

I know God is best and knows best. Yet I still fall sometimes, fall into old habits. Who Am I really? Who Am I really? Outside of what everybody wants me to be, WHO IS ME REALLY??? 

God made us all one by one unique to fulfill his purpose as an original, yet we struggle to get to know ourselves. We pretend we know other people when we don’t even know ourselves and don’t take the time to find out – who am I??? 

When I look up I seem to see, people showing they are sure of their God given identity. Yet I struggle, God who do you want me to be? 

Yes who am I??? I like the color blue, but do I? Or was I once told to like the color blue and so I do???

If God created me and only me to be me, then why do I struggle to find out who I am? 

Why do I struggle to tell this person that I love him so much, that I trust him beyond,  because my heart was touched- the soulmate I longed for so much. Being right there –  but impossible to grasp, because life changed our destiny; did I? out of fear of losing my best, for I love him so much – in silence. But do I ??? Or was I told to love? 

If my purpose on this earth is important to God. Then  why am I waisting my time, drinking wine. Dancing to music that’s not making a positive Change in time ?

Why do I struggle to follow God, a 100% yet again this time. I want to – I miss spending quality time with Jesus, but I struggle.  I struggle in an identity crisis – asking who Am I??? 

When will I live to be me, free to let the world see. That no I’m not bound,  because I found the true purpose within me. I’m the daughter of the almighty and I finally see, the queen for his glory – he ordained me to be. 

I am his, for his purpose you see. 

For his purpose you see!!!    


God loves you much❤️

Saludos Romy Ras