Someone with no desires cannot be tempted, because he simply desires nothing. However who in this world desires nothing? AND should we desire nothing? 

When we look at Jesus we can see that Jesus heart desired to do the will of God. If we are to be like Jesus we should desire something – and that is the will of God. 

We get in trouble when we desire something OUT of the will of God. How many times have you fulfilled your desires, not even asking God if this is his will for your life? You go ahead with it because you want it and You are just fulfilling your desire. 

I know I have done this many more times than I’m proud of. This can be something as simple as eating that extra piece of pie that you know you shouldn’t. Or as complex as you choosing the wrong companion for your life. We all know this can bring health problems,  some painful experiences and heartbreak. 

Why do we go ahead with it? Because we want what we want when we want, just because we want it. And the enemy? He laughs and laughs because as long as your desire is not God’s desire for your life, he can play the field with your desires – and he will. 

When we look at Jesus we can see that Jesus was obedient to God’s will until death. Jesus prayed and asked the Father to please remove that cup from him, the cup of dying on the cross. Jesus was fighting his desire on that mountain so much that he sweat blood. And just when the enemy thought he was winning Jesus turned and said; however Father not my will be done but yours. Casting down his flesh desire and picking up the will of God for his life. Jesus won because his desire to do his Father will was stronger then anything else in his life. Jesus did not follow his flesh desires, no Jesus followed God’s will. The enemy had nothing on Jesus because Jesus desires were in line with Almighty God. Even dying on a cross, taking on all our sins and being our saviour. 

In church past Sunday the pastor said: that we have to die to our desires in order for us to be able to live. The enemy does not want us to die to our desires because this would mean he would become powerless. What can he do with a death desire?  This is why he tries so hard to keep us in desire. 

Look at something as simple as an ice cream commercial. Presenting a beautiful woman in bikini, picture perfect. What kind of desires can that bring up? It sure takes all the attention away from the ice cream and on to the perfect body. Now  people start to desire to have a body like that and would go through great lengths to get it. The funny thing is that the (models) body was photoshopped and is no way close to reality. What may happen when a husband looks at that commercial? He might start to think to himself; I want a wife that looks like that and then fantasizes about it – all the while he has a good wife, this sounds like trouble to me. Now what about that beautiful beach with palm trees where the ice cream commercial was taken, with the model entering the beautiful turquoise waters? Well now people go into great depth because of an sudden desire to go on a island vacation they don’t have the money for. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” hhhmmm right all that in just an Ice cream commercial. ( just a simple example)

What about all the music 🎢 you listen too, the movies you watch and the video games you play? Right!!! the beginning of many more created desires and problems which creates more desires to fix the problems. And all this only brings people in more despair, as the solution is not found in more desires. The solution is found in desiring the will of God in your life and that’s it. 

When I look at my own life and think about the many desires I have, I definitely need to re-check myself. I myself need to get back to the real source of it all, Almighty God. Only God desires for our lives is worthwhile and only his desires fulfill our empty spaces. The empty spaces not created for our own many desires, however created for his desires and love – HIS only.

Jesus knew this and his example on that mountain is a good example for us to follow today. 

Luke 22:42 (KJV)

Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

Amen. God loves you much❀️

Saludos Romy Ras