I was nominated for this award by Palfitness.wordpress.com and his site of being a wise guy (sorry had to add this 😬) on a serious note he is a well known personal trainer and coach with 25 years of experience.  I will accept this award. If you have not checked out his site, I recommend you do. His site will enlighten you and help You see things differently.

The Rules:
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My nominees are:

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7 Interesting facts about me:

I have not written any blogs in the past 3 weeks because of doubt, busy schedule and no effort to get inspired

During my recent vacation I had to re-educate my kids on how rules work and it has been a hard lesson.

I started my blog because I believe God wanted me to start the blog, however it took me some time to obey ( sorry) 

I still have to work on submission ( being single right now is a good thing😬)

I always wanted to be married at 25 – that did not happen πŸ˜‚ I still want to get married some day and I believe that God is a good God and if he wants it that it will happen one day with the right person.

I am a hopeless Romantic too 😊

Work wise you can place me in most places to manage and lead and I will find a way to make it work successfully. Not in a prideful way. To God goes the glory.