When I woke up yesterday  morning, I woke up with the word Joy to write about. How serving God brings joy. 

🤔 well When I arrived home yesterday I sat outside of my house after a long hard day of work as I could not get in because my daughter locked all the doors earlier that day and had left the key inside ( she thaught I had the key at work) Hhmm funny to think about Joy when you are in such a situation, I was thinking how can this bring me joy? 😂 well I used the time sitting in my car yesterday to start write this post – so one positief check mark ✔️  I thought to myself: well I’m not going to worry about it. I spoke to God and I received the confidence that he would find a way to get me into my house and God did, God is so amazing. He sent the right person to my house who opened the door with ease. I’m so happy that I did not waste anytime on worrying but learned how to lean on God. 

This reminds me of a time were I think it was Peter who said: I will be happy during all circumstances. If I have plenty or little, when I have enough to eat or little because I have learnt how to be content during every situation. When I have everything I need or when I have nothing. Because Christ gives me the strength to do whatever I must do. Philippians 4:11-13.

Nice right?

I was talking to one of my employees a couple of days ago and he said: but Romy I have to change my ways and life first before coming to God. I can’t come to God like this and it is hard to change my life because I really like going out to parties and so on. He said he would not be able to continue with that life, If he would serve God. So he said that he Is not ready yet to live by all those rules. 

🤔 it made me think because there are more people like him who think there is no Joy in serving God. Who think serving God means following a bunch of rules, and I remembered that I used to be one of those people. 

How can we solve this problem? So I thought about the old me, how did I learn about the truth? I can definitely say not by people who would point fingers at my life. Believers who thought they knew it all better, no that just made me go farther away. Which brings me to another point: do I as believer myself, treat people that way? I really don’t want that and hope people don’t have that feeling with me. But if I’m honest and look at myself  I sometimes judge people by their actions, I  know this is wrong. 

It gives me much Joy that God does not look at us the way we look at people but that God looks at our heart. 

Do we show Joy while living our life with God? Or are we to busy telling non believers what they should and should not do, if they think about becoming a believer? Is it really about following some rules, rather than choosing God for the love he has for us. Can anybody change anyone except for God? Can you even change yourself? No right, so then why do we think that approach would work on people?  

If I look at my own life, I used to be a big mes. When I accepted Jesus I was nothing like perfect and I’m still not perfect. I used to go back to old habits often and I still do sometimes, however I have definitely changed allot. I know that all those changes were not me but God, the beautiful thing is that God through much love shows us a better way but he never pushes it on us. 

I used to think that following God would be boring and without Joy. The same as my employee I believed it was just following some rules, not allowed to make mistakes but having to be perfect. Well I know different now, thank you God.  Following God brings the best Joy ever and knowing that God’s love is never ending gives so much more Joy. Yes a person following God should change and become better but not on their own because nobody can change without God. However by having God lead us every step of the way. Believe me there is nothing boring in walking with God, quite the contrary – each accomplishment achieved together with God gives you amazing Joy. 

God loves you much❤️

Saludos Romy Ras