This is something that has been bothering me for some time now. Many places were you look today you see that the services given for God are being charged. Look at all of the Christian conferences that are being sold or items that are being sold using Christianity or religion. I wonder if this is okay to do. 

You know I was thinking about maybe writing a book, God led ofcourse. However when I started to think about how this would work, I really did not feel comfortable selling a book that God gave me free wisdom on to write. How can I charge people to read a book with wisdom God wants people to know about and gave to me freely?  Don’t worry I have not started writing a book and it was just a thought which brought up my question. 

The bible teaches us that we should become like Jesus.Well I remember a story were Jesus preached to a multitude of people, did these people pay him? No quite the contrary, Jesus gave the people food until they were full. Matthew 14:13-21

I also remember the story were Jesus send his deciples to go preach to the lost and tell them the end is near. He instructed them not to take any money or a bag but only the clothes and sandals they had on. Because a worker should be given what he needs. Well if Jesus told his deciples this then why are people charging for Christian/religious conferences, books and other items? Matthew 10:6-10

Should the wisdom and teachings we offer for God not be free of charge? If Jesus who is God offered the teachings for free and even made sure people ate before leaving his gatherings. How can we earthly people charge for services we give using God name and wisdom? 

Then why did Jesus get so angry when he found people selling goods in his temple? Why did Jesus tell them not to make his Fathers temple a place of buying and selling? John 2:13-17

I’m not writing this post to point fingers but only to post my questioning behind these things that are going on in this world. I might be wrong on this whole subject and maybe there are things about this that I don’t know, however this uneasy feeling about this is not going away. I have this going through my thoughts for quite some time already. 

The same when I look at all these prosperity churches. Which makes me ask myself has life really become about only being blessed by God and become rich? I know that the bible says that it’s easier for a camel to go through a needles eye than for a rich man to enter God’s kingdom. Matthew 19:24.if God said this then why are people still trying to get rich? Has getting rich or getting money become more import than following Jesus teachings on how we should do the work for God? Has it become more important than helping people see the truth and get saved? If so then where is this world going? If people don’t even respect God and the work that should be done for him and not for ourselves. Why are people so focussed on being blessed by the work they do, rather then how blessed other people can get by them doing God’s work.

Did we forget that the bible says that heaven rejoices when 1 person repents? Is there any better compensation then a person being saved and following God? Luke 15:17 

Has money become more important in this world then a persons salvation? If so – That is a pretty bad place for the world to be in. We truly, absolutely need God. 

God loves you much❤️

Saludos Romy Ras