A woman of noble character who can find? A great example from Ruth, a story from biblical time.  
Ruth was A woman born in a culture of false gods. However she decided not to follow the false teachings and broken laws. Ruth was married to a true believer – Naomi son. The beginning of her journey: a great life lesson of right from wrong

Naomi was sad the death of her sons carried great grieve.The news of the end of feminine in her birth place, made her determined to leave. Naomi decided she was going to leave the foreign country all alone. This – Ruth did not accept sticking together, she followed her mother in law. They went Back to Bethlehem the country of Naomi’s Birth. The people rejoiced because of Naomi’s return

To provide food Ruth went to work on a field. To gather some grain for them to be able to eat. When Boaz, the owner of the field noticed Ruth – he was very pleased. Ruth was a virtues woman and Boaz recognized this indeed. Ruth was selfless, caring for others was important to her. God was able to bless Ruth because of her virtues character. 

Ruth was married to Boaz the beginning of Life. Jesus our Lord and Savior was later born from Ruth’s family line. Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and faithfully believe. Because as Ruth – God can turn any story into a great blessing, just accept Jesus and you will see. 

Amen; Thank you Lord Jesus. 

From the book of Ruth in the Bible. 

God loves you much❤️

 Saludos Romy Ras