Sarai was a woman loved by God, However felt insecure because she could conceive not.

Sarai would follow her husbands every lead. Even when not understanding his selfish deeds

Abram made many missteps not trusting God the Most High. Out of fear,  making  up a story that Sarai was not his wife  

However God did not bless the wrong path they choose to take, God overruled Abram foolishness for Sarai sake

Sarai felt insecure and disappointed because she was old, and in Human terms could not have any children anymore

When God said: A Son she would conceive, Sarai laughed because she could not believe

By lack of faith Sarai gave her servant Hagar as Abram second wife, in an attempt to make God’s promise – come to life 

God never intended to complete his vision this way, God’ s promise to make Sarai into Sarah was not going away . 

God is everlasting his words filled with power, Abraham was becoming father of many nations on God’s appointed hour.

God loves you much❤️

Saludos Romy Ras